Bull Run is Still ON !!!! 1 Reason to be Bullish

Hi, I know that you have missed to cash out at least some of the amazing gains you had when Bitcoin reached 64k. I know how you feel.

You must have seen 2 cycles or you must have been 7 months old in the crypto space. We all have been carried away in the hype cycle, at least most of us.

We hadn’t expected the dip to be so hard, but hey, this is how crypto works. Expect the unexpected.

Listen up my friend, worry not. Everything will be back on track real soon. We are all sailing on the same boat.


I strongly believe that the bull run is still on, and you are going to witness bulls breaking every possible record while reaching the top in 2021 Dec

Few of my thoughts in words…

My Bitcoin and Alts Cash Out Plan for next 6 months (Till Dec 2021 )

Are We Still In A Bull Run ??

Bulls Are Heating Up !! Get ready for Insane BITCOIN Move …

I shall discuss one possible and interesting case in this article. That is looking at yearly candles.

Look at the last candle. Can that be a bull run candle? I doubt it.

Even if it reaches half the bar of previous cycle tops, it would easily cross 100k.

Just a perspective.

Stay Bullish !!

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